Quality Control, Duke Deuce - Yeh (Audio)


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  • Jadelyn Tauinaola
    Jadelyn Tauinaola  3 months back


    • Liu Kang Kixx
      Liu Kang Kixx  3 months back

      This what I fawwkkn need deuce!! “Only thing poppn is these muthafuckn pills” yeh

      • Aboriginal 4 Keeps
        Aboriginal 4 Keeps  3 months back

        Club Banger in My City!!!! We stay Lit Jackson TN🔥🔥🔥

        • G 0 A T F L 0 W
          G 0 A T F L 0 W  3 months back

          Aboriginal 4 Keeps Memphis showing love to Jackson 💯💯🔥🔥💪💪🧡🧡

      • Semaj Jarrett
        Semaj Jarrett  3 months back


        • Liu Kang Kixx
          Liu Kang Kixx  4 months back

          Bangn this shit loud at physical therapy 💯💪🏽🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🤞🏽 #mobshit

          • Styl Propr!
            Styl Propr!  5 months back

            My new, new! #Yeh

            • Kimora Johnson
              Kimora Johnson  5 months back

              Ye nigga yehh

              • DJ MUSK
                DJ MUSK  5 months back

                Dj Paul beat type

              • VENOMANE
                VENOMANE  5 months back

                what the FuUuUUUuUuUuUUuuuuUuu

                • Ryslan Dnepr
                  Ryslan Dnepr  6 months back


                  • Tricky Nick
                    Tricky Nick  6 months back

                    Longway definitely got influence on the game 🔥🔥

                    • Kulsum K
                      Kulsum K  6 months back


                      • Casual_DropoutYT
                        Casual_DropoutYT  6 months back


                        • Drumlord Haze Lyteyear
                          Drumlord Haze Lyteyear  6 months back

                          This nigga Duke Deuce keeps gas like he the loud man or something...! Everything he touches has a good sound to it

                          • Bag Em Kush
                            Bag Em Kush  6 months back

                            This is trash lmfao 🤣😂🤷‍♂️

                            • Fastball Films
                              Fastball Films  3 months back

                              You must have rode the short bus to school

                            • Bag Em Kush
                              Bag Em Kush  5 months back

                              @Immortal that better ? 😂🤣

                            • Jesus Ruiz
                              Jesus Ruiz  6 months back

                              U April fools

                            • 501GhettoDev
                              501GhettoDev  6 months back

                              Well your the trash can hoe

                            • Beezi Da Savage
                              Beezi Da Savage  6 months back

                              Yo momma pussy and head game trash that's why I left the bitch

                          • jeffrey bos
                            jeffrey bos  6 months back

                            Sounds like peewee

                          • BigBull Lazier BEATS
                            BigBull Lazier BEATS  6 months back

                            Literally no one:
                            Duke Deuce: WHaT ThE FuCK~~~

                          • Prospopdancetv
                            Prospopdancetv  6 months back

                            How many songs now???...keep it coming

                            • Michael Arzano
                              Michael Arzano  6 months back

                              U guys posting to many songs at once