Is Leaded Fuel better than Unleaded? Let's find out!


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  • Gambini
    Gambini  7 minutes back

    In my opinion no considerable conclusions can be taken unless ignition advance and fuel jet size are tuned up to match the fuel explosion speed and proper air/fuel ratio.

    • Rod Beauvex
      Rod Beauvex  4 hours back

      Look at that build-up on the old lawnmower. No wonder old cars use to wear out so fast.

    • Patrick strickler
      Patrick strickler  5 hours back

      Would you test sinto octane 130 gas aditive? Im wondering if its even worth putting in gas to improve power in any way

    • Mister S
      Mister S  6 hours back

      I enjoy your content...and especially like the fact you are NOT Sponsored by any products...makes your comparisons credible.

      Did you enjoy the sweet 100LL smell better than the "Kerosene Smell" of Jet Fuel? ... (in MN Kerosene is so highly taxed and hard to find off highway "dyed" Kerosene, that many of us with torpedo heaters go to the airport and buy Jet-A for half the cost of typically available undyed Kerosene.)
      When Non-Oxy (for My collector cars and ATVs) was so expensive and hard to find in mid 2000's ... I remember buying 100LL for cheaper and was able to advance ignition timing on my collector cars and get considerably better MPGs too...

      • Shane McMillion
        Shane McMillion  13 hours back

        need to try some race fuel that vp fuel make

      • Isuru Maddumage
        Isuru Maddumage  18 hours back

        just do a video about which is more carcinogen. leaded or unleaded.

        • Dustin White
          Dustin White  20 hours back

          Id like to see you do a video on plastic epoxys. Plastic to plastic

          • Dustin White
            Dustin White  25 minutes back

            @Project Farm no problem. Ive always wanted to know how they compared. Tjere is so much in our lives now that is plastic somethings always breaking. It would be nice to know what epoxy would do best for certain types of plastic. Thanks for considering it. Dustin.

          • Project Farm
            Project Farm   12 hours back

            Thank you for the video idea!

        • Alex Millsier
          Alex Millsier  24 hours back

          Instead of aviation fuel try actual leaded race fuel....or even better oxygenated fuel is always a good one to lol

          • Doug Steenwyk
            Doug Steenwyk  1 days back

            Kind of a stupid test. As aviation fuel is made for a different purpose than the gas we use. The lead is to help engine to achieve higher compression such as an aircraft engine. The reason the lawn mower ran a little ruff is because the aviation fuel ignites a little later than regular gas. So you're getting a little ignition knock. Under a the high compression of an aircraft engine regular gas would ignite prematurely and give you a ignition knock. Both scenarios throws the timing off. I would never use regular gas in an aircraft or aviation fuel in my car or small engines such as a lawn mower. In the old days hot rodders use to use aviation fuel in their cars and advanced the timing and it did give them more power. But that was easier to do back then. Cars are a little more tricky now days.

            • Stonewall Jackson
              Stonewall Jackson  1 days back

              For rotary it doesn't really matter. But for ohv engines yes the led lubricates the lifters and valves.

            • Dan Smithyman
              Dan Smithyman  2 days back

              Lots of us run Avgas on the race track.

            • Jakob Thompson
              Jakob Thompson  5 days back

              I mean, smoke with _lead in it_ isn’t very good.

            • dontlikemath -.-
              dontlikemath -.-  6 days back

              Can you get your hands on some "zip fuel"? It’s a non-carbon based fuel with a higher energy density. It’s not too friendly to the engine and more expensive. It was supposed to be used for supersonic flight

            • Geoff Hunt
              Geoff Hunt  6 days back

              Used to run a newish Honda carb genny on avgas 130L damn exhaust used to glow under load

            • Mariano Santopinto
              Mariano Santopinto  6 days back

              I’m impressed they still make leaded gasoline. Guess we will never learn

            • T c
              T c  6 days back

              I used 100 octane leaded fuel in my dirt bike', but i had to diluted it with 91octane in order for it to run more efficient in my 2stroke" over all it ran much better,i ran it in my lawn equipment it ran much cleaner,Running it concentrated didn't notice any huge opinion it runs better if you diluted it,it reduces the lead content and want interupt
              The octane that will allow the engine to run cooler and much better.

            • John A Doe
              John A Doe  6 days back

              better? don't people know or understand why lead was added to fuel in the first place? if they did they would know why "better" really isn't a consideration.
              lead was added to lower the knocking noises that an engine makes, that's it, the performance between leaded and unleaded is all down to the octane level, which has nothing to do with lead. oh and gasoline is normally adjusted to be within a set range for it's octane level.

            • Phillip Frazier
              Phillip Frazier  7 days back

              How about leaded gasoline vs unleaded. Not aviation fuel....Can you even get it?

              • Project Farm
                Project Farm   7 days back

                Other than 100LL, I can't find leaded fuel

            • walter curl
              walter curl  7 days back

              Could you test disc brake pads? I recently had mine changed on my Lexus (4 wheel disc brakes) and now just days after being cleaned my front wheels are black with brake dust. Didn't happen before the change .Great videos keep them coming.

            • ben hager
              ben hager  1 weeks back

              Of course it's not better. Mechanical function has nothing to do with opinion. Lead was used in early model cars to help reduce engine knocking, boost octane ratings, and help with wear and tear on valve seats within the motor. Improvements in engine design, and better materials made lead something no longer needed. The title to the video is to generalized. "Is leaded fuel better than 87 octane in an antique Ford flathead engine with high compression pistons and original valves" , would have been a better title, since the question is specific to a certain engine, design, and specs. The title as it is makes it sound as if they can be compared as a matter of preference with no regard to application, giving uneducated audiences the impression that you may simply just prefer one over the other. One is not better than the other. It's like asking if a 10mm wrench is better than a 12mm wrench. Well if I need to loosen or tighten a 12mm bolt, then the 12mm is obviously better because it's made for that specific application that I need it for. 10mm wrenches were not designed to fit 12mm bolts. One is not better than the other, they are each made for specific things. It's a silly question I think.

            • Tristan Mackey
              Tristan Mackey  1 weeks back

              Today we're going to test ghost fuel vs regular gas. Lots of people claim that their engines produce more power and last longer using ghost fuel. Of course, ghost fuel releases howling specters when burned, causing souls of the damned to pour into our world, leaving ruin and madness in their tortured wake. Here's how we'll do the test...

              • Drew N
                Drew N  1 weeks back

                Before the catalytic converter, lead was used as an octane booster and valve lubricant. Amaco was the first brand to have all grades of gas unleaded.

              • SuperAfranks
                SuperAfranks  1 weeks back

                What? I can't wash my hands in benzine since I retired from the Firestone factory.

              • Ryan Toomey
                Ryan Toomey  1 weeks back

                Leaded fuel will ruin your catalytic converter as well as spark plugs, but is perfect to run in non-catalytic converter engines as aviation fuel has no ethanol and does not go bad like regular gasoline!

                The reason why aviation fuel ran richer in the go-cart was because it designed that way to provide better cooling for air-cooled aircraft engines (richer fuel mix makes engine run cooler). It also made the go-cart run faster because it is higher octane and provided more horsepower, that is why they run high-octane fuel in race cars.

              • Tank_Too _Godly
                Tank_Too _Godly  1 weeks back

                The speed will be the same because of gearing the av gas should run hotter and a stronger spark

              • Roy Weinkauf
                Roy Weinkauf  1 weeks back

                saw a similar comment on one of your vids, would love to see you try a GEET engine setup

              • Danny Wilson
                Danny Wilson  1 weeks back

                I have a 73 Ford pickup original engine and it has to have leaded fuel in it

                • jake michael
                  jake michael  6 days back

                  no it douse not ,ford since 1970-1 on all dash fuel gauges reads unleaded fuel. sum dashes did not mention fuel in that time like bronco or above one tun but could run on ether or but did not need lead. i have a 1972 Cleveland that has all tags and stickers most all service records and am the 3 owner has ran on non leaded gas for 25 years as it states on the dash! the lead thing was a big GM lie. the premum today 93 is only 2 to 6 points less than the old ron octane fuel in 1970 at 100! it is rated now with ron+mon/2 that is 2-6 points less in octane. and the lead would burn out mufflers spark plugs fill the engine with deposits!!!! Amico had no led premium white gas in starting in the 20s!! it was popular in the 1960s as it cleaned out the engine and fuel system. have made over 600hp on a 390 on 93 and with iron heads a crburator and the factory ignition! i know all about fuel formulations have studied it the old patients on leaded fuel talked to the old timers their in the 1960s as mechanics and racers. the best gas is hi test lead just absorbs to much water unless you get ethanol free or dive it as a day to day and will have no problems. yes the seats do ware a small bit more but the meffers go out at 40,000 mi plugs shot by 15,000 mi and lead deposits on the pistons. the auto light 124 plugs wold lode up with lead in no time! read the factory service data on that engine not the hear say in internet land. i have yet to see a 72 up require lead! look at the fuel gauge as well as service glide octane ratings will be hi do to the old rating system. 1973-1979 is a cool pick up!! not being ass but a lot of people have not played with car engines since a teen with all the old service guides to!!! . was turning wrenches in one way since i was 8! wold love to find a unicorn as ford did strange things! i have worked on lots of ford unicorns like a ft truck block with car crank and dizz to make a bullet proof fe using ft block! LOOK UP THE FUEL IN A 1973 FORD SERVICE GUIDE! LOVE TO SEE IT! TAKE CARE

                • Project Farm
                  Project Farm   1 weeks back

                  Thank you for the feedback!

              • Bobdodge
                Bobdodge  1 weeks back

                what the heck!! Not suppose to use AV gas a skin cleanser?
                What am i going to use now???

                • Anthony Nelson
                  Anthony Nelson  5 days back

                  @Bobdodge Roger that!

                • Bobdodge
                  Bobdodge  5 days back

                  @Anthony Nelson wait for the ppl to chime in thinking we are serious lol

                • Anthony Nelson
                  Anthony Nelson  5 days back

                  @BobdodgeI believe you are correct I have bought a lot of avgas and there is no specific warning against using it for gargling on either side of the pump.

                • Bobdodge
                  Bobdodge  5 days back

                  @Anthony Nelson im sure gargling with it is ok... I mean there is no warning for that right!

                • Anthony Nelson
                  Anthony Nelson  5 days back

                  I can't use it on my hands but can I still gargle with it? I hate the unleaded after taste.

              • mike cubes
                mike cubes  1 weeks back

                did you ever do a test to see if ethanol gas will unfreeze a fuel line that has ice in it? its alcohol so would ethanol work better than isopropyl gas line antifreeze? or will ethanol gasoline keep water from freezing in your gas line? just an idea

              • S H
                S H  1 weeks back

                No bottom line results? Gee, thanks.

              • Jim Addison
                Jim Addison  1 weeks back

                For something you may not know, high octane fuel does NOT mean more power. It's actually less power. High octane fuel is for high compression engines to prevent pre ignition. Put high octane in a car that calls for 87 octane, and you'll have a car that runs bad.

                • jake michael
                  jake michael  6 days back

                  so right but that is to much for the mouth breather to under stand! i have on 87 ran 10:1 or more compression on a 302 ford iron heads from 1966-67 289 with a carburetor and dizzy no ping or sine of it on plugs. the key is small chamber and tight quench aka mechanical octane .it has a small solid lifter cam so it releases sum of the pressure with a 4 speed and deep gears 60 mph is 2900 rpm keeps lode off the engine the fast piston speed keeps the mix moving along with qench no ping! use 160* thermostat. the low octane and hi btu over premium gives better power at a lower cost and i get better than factory mpg even thou it is more suted for rode racing or dirt track. the key is dynamic compression and quench. all so the tune.

              • knight0334
                knight0334  1 weeks back

                Lead is better if you have an older engine with non-hardened valve seats.

              • William Vaughan
                William Vaughan  1 weeks back

                Air fuel ratio corrected av gas has more energy content than v10 however ave gas is designed for high compression engines and is poorly suited for engines designed to run on v10 pump gas engines.

              • David Stoughton
                David Stoughton  2 weeks back

                nice property

              • Dillan Geiser
                Dillan Geiser  2 weeks back

                Hey project farm does mixing synthetic and non synthetic oils , because of a leaking engine, and bringing oil pressure to running level lubricate less than either alone. In other words is mixing oil brands and synthetic not synthetic (mostly)dangerous.

                • Project Farm
                  Project Farm   2 weeks back

                  Thank you. I have a video on mixing them

              • kobi bobi
                kobi bobi  2 weeks back

                I am watching your fantastic videos. Looks like head cylinder and components cleaning abilities depend on temperature. I think the higher temperature in lowest RPM is the key in 80%.

              • mbsnyderc
                mbsnyderc  2 weeks back

                There both gasoline and the difference in how they run has nothing to do with there being lead in it more likely the lack of alcohol in the fuel the more alcohol the richer you have to run the engine.

              • rtyuik7
                rtyuik7  2 weeks back

                420cc generator, eh? B-)

              • XC
                XC  2 weeks back

                100LL is formulated for high altitudes at a pretty steady rpm for long periods of time. You gain nothing by running it in ground based engines and it's still toxic.

              • Bob Car
                Bob Car  2 weeks back

                WARNING: Seriously important advice on wearing nitrile, latex or any stretchable gloves while using a drill press or any high torque drill or wire wheel - DON'T DO IT! - Even a tap of a stretchable glove on a spinning wheel, especially one with cutting edges (drill bit) or scraping edges (wire wheel) can suck your gloved hand around that spinning surface and break your hand or fingers and even remove them. The action is so fast you won't have the time to pull back. The more durable the glove the less likely it will tear off your hand and the more likely it will draw your fingers around the spinning drill bit. Especially the durable black nitrile "mechanics" gloves.

              • Stalin
                Stalin  2 weeks back

                Well, we know which one is better for every living thing.

              • ‍1marcelfilms
                ‍1marcelfilms  2 weeks back

                Id like some lead for my gasoline bicycle

                • Lewis Johnson
                  Lewis Johnson  2 weeks back

                  I could drive that thing back and forth all day

                • Maliki Higgs
                  Maliki Higgs  2 weeks back

                  Why does tht piston have a nik in it ?

                  • Project Farm
                    Project Farm   2 weeks back

                    It comes from the factory like that. Thank you

                • mark campbell
                  mark campbell  2 weeks back

                  Back in the late 80s I worked on the civilian side of a military airbase, we had 3 fuel trucks with 100LL. Every morning we had to drain 5 gallons of fuel out of each tanker, (helped reduce any water build up) back then we dumped it in what basically was just a hole in the ground.
                  I used to run my old 69 truck on it, and an old 68 harley. Never did run them on it straight, but at about 75% 100LL- 25% cheapest unleaded I could find.

                • Andreas mathiassen
                  Andreas mathiassen  2 weeks back

                  I found metal shavings in my scooters oil, can you tell me what I am supposed to do here? Also the scooter seems to have trouble running smoothly now.

                  • Andreas mathiassen
                    Andreas mathiassen  2 weeks back

                    @Carson Prince I think I flooded the engine with too much oil. Don't know how to resolve the issue.

                  • Carson Prince
                    Carson Prince  2 weeks back

                    It could be an issue of lubrication if you are finding metal shavings in the oil. Check for any leaks or low oil first. How old is the oil too?

                • fox 6
                  fox 6  2 weeks back

                  hope u used a mask when in the room with that avgas lots of toxic shit in there

                • Rob Sherbon Jr
                  Rob Sherbon Jr  2 weeks back

                  Episode idea... how will temperature effect a bullet. Will they fire when frozen. If the FPS a different speed when frozen.