Quality Control, Dayytona Fox, YRN Lingo - Shoulder (Audio)


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  • Brandon Buchanan
    Brandon Buchanan  23 hours back

    Yoooo the song “I don’t sleep” by lil wayne uses this same beat. The instruments are different but it’s the SAME BEAT

    • Lilman21900
      Lilman21900  2 months back

      Pi’erre much?

      • Lil Heist
        Lil Heist  2 months back

        Dayytona fox bringing his own mf sound to the game🔥

        • Stefan Newton
          Stefan Newton  2 months back

          yes he would

          • Maverick Aguilar
            Maverick Aguilar  3 months back

            Still can’t believe DAYYTONA FOX Is on here and he’s only a sound cloud rapper 🔥

          • zezeison
            zezeison  3 months back

            Is this nba,swae lee, trippies redd, or don toliver

            • Yt-ERusso
              Yt-ERusso  4 months back

              Play this at 1.25x playback speed trust✊🏾

              • Esteban del Valle
                Esteban del Valle  2 months back

                If put at 0.75 it sounds like u been mixed alcohol with benzoos 😭💯🤣

            • Dorian Gardner
              Dorian Gardner  4 months back

              nigga sounds exactly like ILOVEMAKONNEN

              • Stephen Lacy
                Stephen Lacy  4 months back

                Love this song❤️

                • SpaceX - KSP
                  SpaceX - KSP  4 months back

                  only 26k views tf

                  • Kevin De Carvalho
                    Kevin De Carvalho  4 months back

                    lol the voice is similary of trippie redd, swae lee 😂😂

                    • On tube
                      On tube  5 months back

                      that sound needed Don toliver

                      • Machoo
                        Machoo  2 months back

                        On tube yeah DayyTona sounded like Don Toliver in the beginning

                      • Clamps Ong
                        Clamps Ong  4 months back

                        Fuck yeaaaaa

                      • Bonheur Shema
                        Bonheur Shema  4 months back


                    • The Buzz Inc
                      The Buzz Inc  5 months back

                      This is a hit lol social media needs to make this go viral

                      • Moist Ravioli
                        Moist Ravioli  5 months back


                        • josh perry
                          josh perry  5 months back

                          Fox the goat

                        • Kri Sti
                          Kri Sti  5 months back

                          Why i always dance with this song feel hype

                        • Kamakazecory
                          Kamakazecory  6 months back

                          Tay- K beat???

                          • Nadeene Peterkin
                            Nadeene Peterkin  6 months back

                            Tay K would DESTROY this beat

                          • yung urameshi
                            yung urameshi  6 months back

                            Dayytona fox the 🐐

                          • Young Lad
                            Young Lad  6 months back

                            Best song on the album to vybe to🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

                            • R2TheArTisT
                              R2TheArTisT  6 months back

                              Yachty gave his old style to them I see

                            • Prospopdancetv
                              Prospopdancetv  6 months back

                              Hit your like button on this one..if you think I should dance to it.

                              • Nathanael Alberto
                                Nathanael Alberto  6 months back

                                Liiittttttttt 🔥🔥🔥💦

                                • Lilman Officiel Boug la street

                                  New drip 💧

                                  • Miguelito Miguelito
                                    Miguelito Miguelito  6 months back

                                    Oh shit here we go again!!!

                                    • Ahmed Bundu
                                      Ahmed Bundu  6 months back

                                      This shit lit

                                      • KoBrA KiNg
                                        KoBrA KiNg  6 months back


                                        • Unknown Unknown
                                          Unknown Unknown  6 months back

                                          Oh what is it they dropping volume 2 through the day

                                          • yung urameshi
                                            yung urameshi  6 months back

                                            It dropped a while ago homie this my favorite track dayytona fox gonna blow up just watch ayolump produced this beat they went stupid hard on this 🔥

                                        • Heart6less
                                          Heart6less  6 months back

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                                          • Xxx Djabar
                                            Xxx Djabar  6 months back

                                            So harrrdd 🔥💥🔥

                                            • Ghost Cv
                                              Ghost Cv  6 months back

                                              Damnn i liked that song

                                              • yung urameshi
                                                yung urameshi  6 months back

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