Pink Tourmaline- Lets Talk Stones

  • Published: 04 April 2013
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    Pink Tourmaline not only shows us how to find forgiveness for others, this occurs after it has guided us to forgiveness of ourselves on many levels. Pink Tourmaline helps us to peek over the walls we have built around ourselves and see that they are actually a prison, and it is time to start taking the walls down. Pink Tourmaline not only starts this process, it will guide you through this multi faceted journey of releasing years of emotions, in a gentle and focused way, keeping you safe and secure as if you were in the arms of the goddess herself.
    Pink Tourmaline shows us how we are getting in our way by believing that we need these energetic and emotional walls to function better. Very quickly we see the limitations of the life we have created and pink tourmaline has no time for wallowing in self pity, it quickly points us in the direction of what we want, and shows us how to get there. An excellent stone with repetitive patterns as well as addictive behaviors, pink tourmaline shows us where these patterns come from and how to change them so that they can be useful to us rather than harming us.
    Pink Tourmaline not only supports our physical and energetic heart chakra, this is a strong vibration within our root chakra as well. The nurturing that pink tourmaline has come to show us, is the nurturing we must understand in order for our creations to come to manifestation, and pink tourmaline brings the awareness that our lives are our greatest creation.
    Pink Tourmaline helps us to see that no amount of compassion can ever be enough until we have learned to turn that compassion inward. It is only then that we are really able to understand the compassion that others need, it is only after this that we are able to effectively show compassion for others while we create our own realities. Pink Tourmaline shows us how our reality changes when we show ourselves compassion and forgiveness, we are then able to attract different people and situations to us. It is here that we start the process of re-thinking the barriers we have built between ourselves and others, learning how valuable they can be, with an awareness of the limitations. Pink tourmaline helps us to use these walls that we have built as tools, pink tourmaline shows us how to work with our barriers to best serve our goals.
    Pink Tourmaline also is a stone of acceptance, helping us to accept ourselves as we are, where we are - no bones about it. This stone helps us to see a realistic view of how honest we are with ourselves and with no judgement we are able to call ourselves out, have a chuckle and move in the direction of being true to who we are, being honest with ourselves. This stone will also help us to see a new perspective to any denial we have within our lives, whether it is personal or within a relationship. Pink tourmaline very good naturedly helps us to reach for the very best in ourselves, it shows us to embrace every aspect of ourselves and start the journey of discovery and creation of your own authentic self.

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  • Theresa Hayes
    Theresa Hayes  2 years back

    The music with the nasally voice was too much for me, couldn't watch it. Just awful.

    • Paige Lee
      Paige Lee  2 years back

      Thank you 😊 just added this to my collection

      • Janagha Jaheed
        Janagha Jaheed  3 years back

        Hey. This is greet documentary. Do any one need such crystals? Plz let me know.

        • Beth Bartlett
          Beth Bartlett  3 years back

          Beautiful commentary -
          Beautiful crystal -

          • Jeff Schuler
            Jeff Schuler  5 years back

            thank you !!!

            • Daniel Parra
              Daniel Parra  4 years back

              Pink Tourmaline & Opal are the birthstones for October.... What's your Birthstone ?

          • Melissa Mogan
            Melissa Mogan   7 years back

            This is the corrected, full version of this video, sorry for the confusion!

            • Melissa Mogan
              Melissa Mogan   7 years back

              corrected version! woops!