GemU Lesson Eight- Tourmaline


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  • Jette Vittrup
    Jette Vittrup  5 months back

    Great and informative video and really good instructor!

    • Charuka Rathnayake
      Charuka Rathnayake  6 months back

      nice presentation about the many color touramaline

      • olivier odimba
        olivier odimba  7 months back

        Thanks for your video

      • Discover Gems
        Discover Gems  7 months back

        I discover gemstone that possibly new....i have video of this...

        • Dwi Bhakti
          Dwi Bhakti  8 months back

          masha Allah great video

          • N. D
            N. D  9 months back

            Perfect lesson. Thank you

            • Dana Lewis
              Dana Lewis  1 years back

              Ohhhhh this is a very fun way to learn. Then wish you could have them all.

              • Ali Tahir
                Ali Tahir  1 years back

                Thanks for the amazing class. Do you offer comprehensive courses online?

                • Ali Tahir
                  Ali Tahir  1 years back

                  @Gem Shopping Network I will do exactly that.

                • Gem Shopping Network
                  Gem Shopping Network   1 years back

                  Ali, we don't offer an online course, buy you can tune into our live show where our hosts are full of valuable information!

              • Everything Noor
                Everything Noor  1 years back

                Nice .thanks. I'm starting to learn about beautiful rocks

                • Ch zohaib Azhar
                  Ch zohaib Azhar  2 years back

                  Big love big respect 4 u by Pakistan 😘😘😘😘

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                    • Nhung Vlog 2050
                      Nhung Vlog 2050  9 months back

                      Im have rock raw Tourmalin black and saphia white

                    • Robert Bigelow
                      Robert Bigelow  1 years back

                      I want know how money to ask for

                    • Robert Bigelow
                      Robert Bigelow  1 years back

                      I want know what a Brazilian Tourmaline Copper Bearing how mush sould chard

                  • Beth Bartlett
                    Beth Bartlett  2 years back

                    A nice presentation on the subject, clear and to the point.
                    Worthy -

                    • Armando Cury Filho
                      Armando Cury Filho  2 years back

                      Nice video, sir! Another greater field of chrome and vanadium tourmalines is Brazil, for sure! Naturally!

                      • JACKY WANG
                        JACKY WANG  8 months back

                        do you have facet rough gemstone?

                    • Frank Reiser M.S.
                      Frank Reiser M.S.  3 years back

                      Great video! It is people like you that I have made my own videos (Frank Reiser M.S.) Show more! Thank you.
                      You can see my collection of crystals at Frank's Beautiful Rocks and Minerals